Media evolution: Shaping the future of digital storytelling

In this post-truth era, media are challenged to build reputable brands that attract and engage new generations of consumers. I love how niche players can grow to become giants in a matter of months or years. It’s the most dynamic industry I know.  

Picture of Marc van Ogtrop

Marc van Ogtrop

Industry Director at Levi9

Adapting to the rapid changes in content consumption and distribution

Of all industries, media has arguably been impacted the most by digital technologies. Social media, streaming platforms, and a plethora of challengers are constantly chipping away at established media brands, leading to intense competition for attention within the industry. Questions arise: will omniverse be the next disruption? Can the industry withstand the AI revolution? Despite these uncertainties, the significance and relevance of media, both for entertainment and information, remain high, with technological change being a certainty.”

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