Marketing mastery: Crafting strategies for the digital age

Based on my experience in the sector I’d say a lot of things change, but some things stay the same. I believe that the genuine empathy for and understanding of the user is still the best path to convert a user into a consumer.  Technology and specifically what’s happening in data today still hold a lot of promise.

Picture of Marc van Ogtrop

Marc van Ogtrop

Industry Director at Levi9

Embracing digital innovations to connect with audiences effectively

The marketing sector, more than any other industry, grapples with our evolving perspectives on privacy. While the ultimate goal remains converting attention into sales, and we still talk about the marketing and sales funnels, the methods have changed dramatically. Today, creating data-rich experiences, fostering permission-based interactions, and engaging in personalized, valuable multi-channel conversations are essential. Video has replaced images, and AI is beginning to disrupt content creation across the board. Yet, marketing remains an exciting sector where measuring results drives change.

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