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Maybe you’ve heard of us, or maybe you’ve seen one of our teams at a networking event. Perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge that’ll take you further in your career. Whatever the reason, Levi9 welcomes you.


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Read the stories of our colleagues and discover their affection for our company.

Lazar Veljović 

System Architect & Department Manager, Novi Sad 

I’ve been part of Levi9 since 2015, where I’ve continuously advanced and developed my skills – not only professionally but also in management. My current position is DevOps Architect. 
I hold certifications as an AWS Solutions Architect Professional, AWS SysOps Administrator Associate, and AWS DevOps Engineer Professional.

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to lead a team as a Department Manager. In late 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in the AWS re:Invent conference in the United States, which proved to be a fantastic experience!  

Marija Radovic 

Tech Lead, Belgrade 

I joined Levi9 as a Java Medior Developer in 2016 and have since progressed to the role of Tech Lead. Throughout this period, I’ve worked on various projects using different technologies. However, the constant factor has always been the fantastic people.

Levi9 offers the opportunity to build your professional career according to your interests, work on interesting projects in modern environments, and most importantly for me, meet great people and truly enjoy the work you do.

Stefan Vučan 

Software Developer, Belgrade

My introduction to Levi9 began with the Test MasterClass program, which served as my gateway into the company. After completing the program, I was hired as a Tester on a project I worked on for the next 9-10 months. Testing was interesting and challenging at times, but through collaboration with developers on the project, Android development became increasingly intriguing to me. Although I first encountered Android during my studies at the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, my interest in it intensified through practical experience. Soon, I began learning independently.


After realizing that this field interests me, I asked a colleague for additional learning guidance, and she was immensely helpful. We sought a way for horizontal transfer, and I was thrilled when the opportunity arose a few months later. Following a technical interview, I made the transition to the Android department.

Igor Bežanović 

Software Developer, Novi Sad 

I’ve been working at Levi9 since 2021, and although I was hired as a frontend JavaScript developer, the project I was assigned to led me to try my hand in the backend world as well. Shifting my mindset to the backend was quite challenging at the beginning. However, the transition was enjoyable and efficient with great colleagues and teamwork, and I thank them for that.

Great colleagues primarily characterize Levi9, so no Monday feels difficult. The client is also excellent, and transparency and understanding mean a lot to me as they allow me to contribute more to client’s goals.

Another great thing is that the company supports us in growing and developing in all fields that interest us, both technically and socially. Recently, I had the opportunity to lead the JavaScript community at both development centers in Serbia, which was an excellent opportunity for me to engage in organizing various events for gathering and knowledge exchange.

Miroslav Radujkov

Tech Lead, Belgrade

I joined Levi9 at the beginning of 2008 as a Junior Java Developer. From the very start, I had the privilege of working on interesting projects, where I met outstanding colleagues who always enabled me to learn something new and valuable. Additionally, I was fortunate to work with excellent Delivery Managers and Scrum Masters, from whom I learned a lot (and continue to learn) about soft skills and how to collaborate successfully with different types of clients. This allowed me to develop myself as a Technical Team Leader and Department Manager, positions I currently hold.

I highly recommend our company as a place where you will truly have the opportunity to work in a healthy work environment, where colleagues will always support and respect your opinion, and where you will encounter a wide range of exciting and challenging projects and technologies.

Through daily work on projects, shared sweet and not-so-sweet challenges, and various activities outside of working hours, you will have the opportunity to meet and build friendships with great people who represent a strong foundation of our company.

Miloš Cvetković

Tech Lead, Belgrad

I began my journey at Levi9 as a Medior frontend programmer, focusing initially on a specific project: a hybrid mobile application for a leading global TV show for amateur singers. I didn’t expect that within a few years, I would become one of the leading figures in the JS ecosystem within the company and be responsible for multiple teams.


Currently, I hold the position of Tech Lead, which is primarily technical but not solely executive like a programming role. It involves creating a broader picture regarding the architecture of the applications themselves and caring about the satisfaction of team members in terms of workflow, technology selection, direct career guidance for junior colleagues, and maximizing their potential.


At Levi9, I’ve worked on a large number of different projects. From hybrid mobile applications in Cordova and Ionic frameworks, through NodeJS services, to the NextJS library for server-side rendering of HTML and embracing serverless paradigms and pure client-side applications. So, literally, all mainstream environments.

Hein Hop

Business Development Director, Amsterdam

My Levi9 journey started on January 1st, 2010. The company was a lot smaller, customers were different, fixed price projects where common and Agile software development was just upcoming. But Niners were already Niners and I fell in love with the people and the culture in this company. During the years I’ve worked with a lot of different customers, in all of our delivery centers and together we’ve celebrated many successes. I’m proud of the outstanding tech knowledge in the company, combined with utter customer focus. This leads to happy customers, happy colleagues and also a happy me.


In 2022 I decided to make a career move elsewhere but it took me just less than a year to return: the grass is definitely the greenest (the bluest, actually) in Levi9!

Mart van den Bosch

Digital Marketing Manager, Amsterdam

Since early 2022, I’ve been part of the Levi9 team. In my role I’m experiencing a level of trust and confidence in my capabilities from the people around me to do my job. There really is an environment created that is best summarised as “Do It”. If you have a great idea, then GO. Do it, learn from it, learn fast, but also to fail fast so you can adapt when needed. It makes that I’m enthusiastic about the company’s future, but also my own role in it.

Pauline Bruyel

Customer Experience Officer, Amsterdam

Reflecting on my journey at Levi9, it’s been an exciting 5.5 years of growth and transformation.


Starting as the Office Manager and P.A. to the board, I quickly found my rhythm in the dynamic sales team, organizing memorable events along the way. Completing a Customer Experience post-master felt like a natural next step, paving the path for my transition to the role of Customer Experience Officer. Now, I’m entrusted with crafting and executing strategies that will deepen our customer relationships and foster brand loyalty.  I’m very excited to start this new chapter and feel grateful for the opportunity and trust that Levi9 has given me.

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