Nobody makes impact alone.
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In 1994 the comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. The persuasion of Menno de Jong and Bernhard van Oranje was and is, that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round.


A small headquarter in the Netherlands coordinates the common goals. The delivery centers in Serbia, Ukraine and Romania facilitate, technology, innovation, talent development and customer teams.


We have a four people board. This includes Menno de Jong (CFO) and Bernhard van Oranje, the original founders and largest shareholders. Pien Oosterman (CEO) and Debby Jansen (CCO). Paul Schuyt (previous CEO) is involved in the company as a shareholder and non-executive board member of the company. The board is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Bernhard van Oranje


Menno de Jong

Founder and CFO

Pien Oosterman


Debby Jansen


Paul Schuyt

Shareholder and non-executive board member


The Levi9 delivery centers in Serbia, Ukraine and Romania are headed by a country managers. The three country managers are part of the extended board. Jan Dolinaj heads Serbia, Anca Dumitriu is responsible for Romania and Artem Trikopa for Ukraine.

Jan Dolinaj

Country Manager Serbia

Anca Dumitriu

Country Manager Romania

Artem Trykopa

Country Manager Ukraine


Headquartered in Amsterdam, Levi Nine has shown average annual growth rates of 30% over the last three years. This growth has resulted among other things in expanding to six different delivery centers, including Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. Customer satisfaction is also reflected in the company’s growth rates. As with the previous three years, Levi Nine achieved a 100% recommendation score in the Giarte Benchmark Outsourcing Performance. Furthermore, customers rate the company above average when it comes to reliability, communication, skills, empathy, willingness and openness.


Digital disruption in the Dutch market. We have Dutch roots and that shows in our customer base. 80% of our revenue comes from Dutch customers. Our services are appreciated because of our client oriented way of working, our strong technology skills and the capability to translate technology in sector specific applications. We know our business and those of our customers. No bigger prize than a customer who increases his market position because of great technology made by us. “For the 4th time in a row Levi Nine celebrates a 100% recommendation score in the Outsourcing Performance benchmark study of research agency Giarte (source: 2017).


01 One plus one equals nine

Make change happen The world of IT is changing. Each change faster than the last. The only way to keep up with change is to be the change. At Levi Nine we look for answers before the question has been asked. We realize real innovations for our customers.

02 Substance over flash

Results say who we are. Levi Niners are driven by the content. We don’t need any flashy packaging. We are transparent. We know who we are, and we show who we are: professionals who skip rules and get down to it. Straight to the matter at hand.

03 Loyalty above opportunity

Loyalty above opportunity 100% customer satisfaction. Four years in a row. How is that possible? Through mutual faith. We are not interested in short-term minor victories. We are in it for the long-haul. For greater long-term success together. We invest seriously in our people through, for example, LEAD9. Our loyalty is towards our people as well as our customers. No hidden agendas. No different end goals. The focus is on the relationship. In the long term.

04 Get it done

Get it done Problems are there to be solved. With our talent, knowledge and experience we make what seems impossible possible. By putting our heads together. By taking the time to actually listen to the question. That's the best way to find an answer. We are customer oriented. So, it’s never about the contract, it’s always about the result.

05 One common goal

One common goal What do our customers want to achieve? What are the challenges? We strive for common success. We break down walls and build teams. Again, we don’t only examine the wishes of our customers but also of our own people. Recognizing the interests of all concerned is essential for joint success. We have one KPI and one common goal. People are empowered to create success. All lights must be green to achieve this mutual success. A true common goal can only be achieved with clear, aligned objectives where every team member is able and enabled to act upon them.

06 Thank god it’s Monday

Thank God it’s Monday Our work is our consuming passion. We develop solutions to fall in love with. We do this with people who are in love with their work. In an open environment that encourages you to get the best out of yourself. That is why our offices are in the centre of the city. Why we have a gym. And why we believe in a transparent work environment.

07 Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Teamwork makes the dreamwork A few smart people will not create success. It’s always about the team. The collective group that is empowered to make a difference. Who recognize that mistakes can be made and learned from. As a team you can build continuity and share knowledge. Openness, transparency and close ties are the basis for this. We work hard on our internal cooperation. So that together we can work even harder for our clients. The doors are always open for new ideas. For a stronger team that always wins.

08 Innovation makes us smile

Innovation makes us smile We are in the technology services industry. We are passionate about IT. Being able to make a difference for our customers. Helping them innovate using our knowledge and passion. That’s what it’s all about. We are simply tech geeks who love to share this passion with each other and our clients. Our hackathons are a good example. No matter how many decades of experience on our CV, we still have a young mind. We are curious. Constantly seeking new challenges. To learn, to grow and to innovate. You hire Levi Nine for consolidation, but also for growth and innovation. To become better. Our clients see us as a next level sourcing partner. They want to work with us for performance optimization and experimental innovation. Some even, as business model innovator. Levi Niners are technology cult leaders.

09 One plus one equals nine

One plus one equals nine (1+1=9) The bottom line. Our right to exist. We do our work well. Better than well even. We always exceed the expectations of our clients. The cooperation with the Levi Niners is more than the sum of the people. Together we create great: 1+1=9. We are proud to be real Levi Niners. Because of the clients we have. Because of what we can do for them. That our work really matters. That is Levi Nine. That is why we are Levi Niners. We will change the course of Technology Service. Forever.