In 1994 the comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. The persuasion of Menno de Jong and Bernhard van Oranje was and is, that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round. The headquarter in Amsterdam in the Netherlands coordinates our common goals. The delivery centers in Serbia, Ukraine and Romania (with in total around 1000 levi niners) facilitate technology, innovation, talent development and customer teams.

Our people

Every levi niner stands out in its personality, its knowledge and its skills. We encourage versatility. But there are five characteristics that are shared by all of us and make us a strong team:
5. FUN

We create what was never created before. We develop technology solutions with our customers. Solutions that create impact and a competitive business advantage for our customers. Everyday we ask ourselves the question: how can we create even more impact on the business of our customers with technology services? It’s a question that makes us tick because creating impact is what it is all about.

Our services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how we do it: Together.

When complexity, speed and change come together only a great team can handle the challenge. We love the challenge, especially the technology part of it. But above all we love doing it together. We embrace diversity, adopt agility and conduct discipline. We deliver fast, fit for purpose and as an integral part of our customers operation.

1+1 = 9



Our board is formed by Pien Oosterman (CEO), Ruben Satink (CFO), Debby Jansen (CCO) and Bernhard van Oranje (Founder & CMO). Menno de Jong (Founder & former CFO) and Paul Schuyt (former CEO) are involved in the company as shareholders and Non-executive board members. The board is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Pien Oosterman


Ruben Satink


Debby Jansen


Bernhard van Oranje

Founder & CMO

Menno de Jong

Founder & Non-executive board member

Paul Schuyt

Non-executive board member


The Levi9 delivery centers in Serbia, Ukraine and Romania are headed by our Delivery Centre Directors. The four Delivery Centre Directors are part of the extended board. Jan Dolinaj is responsible for Belgrade & Viktor Kovac for Novi Sad and Zrenjanin in Serbia, Anca Gafiteanu heads Iasi, Romania and Valentyn Koryako manages Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine.

Jan Dolinaj

Delivery Centre Director

Anca Gafiteanu

Delivery Centre Director

Valentyn Koryako

Delivery Centre Director

Viktor Kovac

Delivery Centre Director


Digital disruption in the Dutch market. We have Dutch roots and that shows in our customer base. 80% of our revenue comes from Dutch customers. Our services are appreciated because of our client oriented way of working, our strong technology skills and the capability to translate technology in sector specific applications. We know our business and those of our customers. No bigger prize than a customer who increases his market position because of great technology made by us.


Nine is the magic number, our nine magical beliefs.

01 Make change happen

We don't wait for change
We are the change.

02 Substance over flash

What you see is what you get. We believe in being open, transparent, honest and kind.

03 Loyalty above opportunity

We make promises and stick to them. We commit.

04 Get it done

Time, patience, dedication.
Whatever it takes.
We get the job done

05 One common goal

Uniting everyone's goals
and objectives.

06 Teamwork makes the dream work

Together we are smarter
and stronger.

07 Innovation makes us smile

An open mind is the best kind.
By being adaptive we learn
and grow every day.

08 Thank God it’s Monday

We are passionate about what
we do.
We love our work.

09 One plus one equals nine

We exceed expectations and
pursue excellence. Always.

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