AWS Data & Analytics Redshift Service Delivery Program

Think about competitive advantages using data in real-time, including discovering and generating insights that can be quickly integrated into your business.  

With data growing every day, making effective decisions and business insights based on real-time information requires technology able to handle various structures of data from multiple sources.  

Levi9 continues to grow its data expertise with good practices and implementing technologies that shape the future of business. We make an impact with technology, enabling companies to focus more on data, performance, and monitoring, and accelerating their business with efficient processes using AWS services. 

Amazon Redshift is a service that helps with fast, simple, and costeffective data analysis. 

It is the most widely used cloud data warehouse solution that can use data on an exabytes scale. The speed of delivering output on a large data set with AWS Redshift is incomparable with other cloud service providers. Using column-level compression and massively parallel processing (MPP technology) as features of AWS Redshift, users can process, store, and analyze data while paying only for the resources they use.

As a holder of the AWS Redshift service delivery program and a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), Levi9 can provide customers with a modern, scalable, secure, and cost-effective analytics solution. Our AWS Certified Professionals have proven their deep understanding and expertise for the Data and Analytics Competency Status through technical validation and by helping our customers to explore data opportunities using powerful AWS tools and unlocking actionable insights. 

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