AWS Well-Architected

Many companies are not getting all the benefits they expected following a migration of their IT systems to the Cloud. In some cases, limitations surface following a lift-and-shift. In other cases, proof of concept solutions remain in place while services are scaling up.

Identifying and resolving issues that relate to your application and cloud architecture will help you to get the most out of your IT in the Cloud.

Almost all of Levi9 Technology Services’ 60+ customers run their workloads in the Cloud. The majority are running on AWS; Microsoft Azure and GCP are catching up.

Levi9 can help you optimize your Software Development Lifecycle processes as well as your application and infrastructure architecture through the following services:

AWS Well Architected Review:

A free, high- level review that identifies medium and high- risk issues in your cloud setup. Remediation of issues is often funded by AWS. The review has the form of an interview (3-4 hours) and the deliverable is a AWS Well-Architected report and presentation of findings.

Architectural Assessment:

An in-depth assessment of your application and infrastructure setup through a review of your code base, architecture and processes according to the ATAM method – aligning your application design with your business objectives. The assessment usually takes 2-4 weeks and consist of several workshops as well as research and analysis activities. A 2 hour intake and initial assessment is provided free of charge so that we can verify your needs and you can decide on the necessity of the assessment.

The AWS Well-Architected Review

Our Well Architected Review is one of the services we provide to help you to identify deviations from the AWS best practices.

In our Well Architected Review, we focus on 5 areas:

Operational excellence

Are your systems architected in such a way that they can deliver business value and so that supporting processes can be continuously improved?

Are your processes automated, are play- and runbooks being used, do you use Infrastructure as Code to manage operational events?


Protecting your systems and your information is of vital importance for any business. How do you assess risk and what mitigation strategies are best suited for your architecture?

Among others we review the use of tooling for encryption, identity & access management and key management.


Whether it is your ecommerce environment, a product configurator, a fleet monitoring system or your messaging software, uninterrupted availability of your enterprise systems is a requirement for most of your business nowadays.

Is your architecture designed to help mitigating disruptions, like misconfiguration or transient network issues? In our Well-Architected Review we take a close look at things like service limits, setup of availability zones and back up and disaster recovery.


Demand of computing resources may fluctuate, technology in your sector may develop rapidly. How well is your system equipped to handle these variations? Do you make use of specific instance types for specific workloads, what caching strategies do you use and is your storage architecture optimized are just some of the questions we answer.

Cost optimization

One of the main benefits of running your business in the AWS cloud is the ability to optimize cost. But is your architecture helping you to do this? We examine the services you use, the tuning of your environment to the purpose it serves and whether tweaking your account management can help you keep cost under control.

Years of experience in various industries

Fintech and finance

Technology and innovation for challengers in the finance world


Growing revenues for electronic retail

Digital media and advertising

Programmatic web and data solutions for advertisers

Traffic and Transport

Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Mobility as a Service and Public Transport Solutions

Independent Software Vendors

Scale-up solutions for software companies

Digital platforms

Technology solutions for Digital Platforms


IoT, Blockchain and Integration solutions

Industrial automation

Robust technology for industry-grade applications

Our Well Architected Review has the following steps:

1. Interview: Functional requirements

High level functional understanding of the business requirements

2. Interview: Architecture evolution

Understanding how the current architecture evolved

3. Architecture Review

High Level Architecture

4. Report creation and presentation

Report of issues and recommendations