Incision Builds a New Digital Platform Supporting Global Growth and Product Development


Levi9 made sure our system was secure. Plus, with the inherent security of Amazon services we can worry a lot less about cyberthreats.

Picture of Marijke Dekker

Marijke Dekker

Solution Architect at Incision

About the project

Incision, a healthtech scale-up from The Netherlands, delivers an advanced online learning platform to support surgeons worldwide in enhancing surgical proficiency. Facing significant growth, Incision partnered with Levi9 to overcome performance bottlenecks caused by its WordPress-based platform, notably slow content delivery and difficulty in introducing new products without service interruption.


The transition to Amazon cloud services not only optimized website performance but also facilitated the development of AI-driven tools and a smartphone app for surgical support staff, furthering Incision’s mission to network with 10,000 clinics and aid in 100 million operations annually. 


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