Levi9 Helps FLTRD Customize Meal Planning with Generative AI

The Netherlands

About the project

Meal Mosaic is modernizing meal planning with a mobile app that serves up personalized recipes and nutritional information. We want to use technology to make preparing healthy meals less time consuming and more accessible to everyone. In August 2023, Levi9 began exploring a solution for generating a large volume of tailored meal planning content. They needed to meet a growing demand for streamlined, customized user interactions without relying on constant human input. 


Our team turned to Generative AI, which is well suited for creating personalized content, quickly and scalably, with minimal manual intervention. But finding the right GenAI recipe for the application wasn’t as straightforward. We quickly discovered that the quality of the pre-trained Large Language Model (LLM) has a significant impact on the automated content. Our approach ultimately involved a blend of manual validation and strategic use of the more reliable, yet pricier, GPT-4-turbo model to ensure accuracy and user safety. 


By October 2023, we delivered a user-centric mobile app featuring custom backend microservices and integration with external AI APIs. The app enables Meal Mosaic users to input dietary preferences and receive personalized meal plans and recipes. It introduced innovative features such as live camera scans and real-time camera stream analysis for meal segmentation and a sophisticated AI-chat assistant for food-related inquiries. The overall user experience (UX) is enhanced by high-quality recipe images generated by DALL-E 2 and efficient food classification models from Google. 



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