Levi9 Partners with FLTRD to revolutionize healthy food choices.

Amsterdam, September 19th, 2023

In a world where chronic illnesses are on the rise, making healthy food choices has never been more critical. Levi9, a technology solutions provider, is proud to announce the partnership with FLTRD, an innovative startup on a mission to transform the way people approach their dietary decisions.

The Power of Food

Recent statistics reveal that over half of Western society is grappling with chronic illnesses, and this number is steadily climbing. But there’s good news: many of these conditions are preventable through a combination of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Your Filter - The FLTRD App

Enter FLTRD, with its groundbreaking solution: the FLTRD app. This cutting-edge application will be built by Levi9 and acts as your personal food filter, simplifying the complex landscape of food choices. By providing easy-to-understand educational content, FLTRD empowers you to create a personalized filter that aligns with your health goals and dietary preferences. “With the help of Levi9, we were able to build an MVP in considerably less time,” says Anke Kuik, co-founder of FLTRD.

With FLTRD, you can confidently purchase only those products that support your unique well-being, cutting through the noise of misleading health claims and confusing product information.

Be the First to Try It Out!

Are you eager to experience the future of food choices? Download the FLTRD app now and be among the first to embrace this revolutionary approach to healthy living.