Scalable Charging Point Management Platform for EVBox Everon


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Picture of Joeri Kamp

Joeri Kamp

Chief Solution Officer at EVBox

About the project

Everon, the software division of EVBox, is at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, providing innovative charging point management systems globally. As the EV market witnessed rapid growth, Everon aimed to enhance its platform’s scalability to meet increasing demand efficiently.


Levi9 was enlisted for their expertise in creating scalable software solutions. Through this collaboration, Levi9 has not only elevated the platform’s quality and operational methodologies but has also introduced Everon to Agile practices, continuous improvement strategies, and advanced security and architectural standards. A significant milestone was the launch of Everon’s first public APIs, expertly developed by Levi9 to offer comprehensive service access and developer resources, marking a pivotal advancement in Everon’s market offerings. 


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