Building complex digital platforms

Building software for a digital platform is something different.
Performance, scalability, and security need to be top-notch.
APIs often form the foundation, with connections to numerous other systems.

Levi9 has vast and unique experience in building such platforms. 

Creating your platform technology

You are building a digital platform with specific demands: multiple integrations, demanding stability and performance, using cloud or being offered in a SaaS model, and perhaps facilitating a two-sided market. You
have a strong vision, a long roadmap, and high ambitions. The technology you want to offer is complex and must be impeccable.

What we offer

We architect and realize your platform.

We bring specific skills that you require.

We design the right team topology for maximum quality and productivity.

We do the hard work of building integrations and APIs.

We design and implement microservices.

We set up testing practices that ensure easy regression testing.

We set up secure development practices as needed.

Ingredients we use to achieve success

Cloud development
Cloud partnerships
Creating APIs
Secure development
Quality assurance

Why this matters

Building a digital platform can be daunting due to the number of complexities that arise over time. Keeping things simple and reusable is not easy. The validation cycle with the end user can also be challenging, making it difficult to quickly zoom in on the best value proposition. Therefore, having a partner with vast experience in building digital platforms is essential for speeding up the development process.

Why Levi9 is a match

We have a track record of building complex digital platforms.
We take tech seriously and recruit from the top of the market.
We have great architects who love working on complicated technology.
We are cloud-certified.

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