How Levi9 and Future Insight Are Paving the Way for Smarter Cities 


I can recommend Levi9 to all companies who want to work with very professional software developers. Of course, you can hire people yourself but it’s difficult to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest technologies, and to always have the right amount of people to execute a project. With Levi9, you can scale the teams up and down as needed. You can be confident in their technology expertise and motivation to deliver quality work.

Picture of Bas Hoorn

Bas Hoorn

Founder & Commercial Director at Future Insight

About the project

Future Insight creates innovative digital solutions for civil planning and development. However, they wanted to do more to advance smart cities worldwide through safe and ethical data access. They had a vision but lacked the technical expertise and organizational processes to turn them into reality. So, they looked for a partner who could bring critical data and development skills to their projects and help them work in a more strategic, process-driven way.  


By collaborating with Levi9, Future Insight immediately gained vital expertise in data aggregation and product development. Our technical teams tackled two objectives: supporting and improving Future Insight’s current digital tools and developing an entirely new, revolutionary platform. However, one course of action was crucial to the success of both goals – restructuring Future Insight’s operations with a focus on long-term organizational sustainability.  


Levi9 experts guided Future Insight in scaling their vision and developing a targeted roadmap to deliver a world-class Open Urban platform, called the Clearly Hub. This platform harnesses the power of advanced AI, including digital twins, in a secure, scalable and flexible digital ecosystem. It empowers governments, organizations and even citizens to create smart applications that can improve accessibility, sustainability, health and inclusivity in urban environments.


Digital Transformation

Urban Planning

Government Data Management

Big Data


Solutions (AWS, Azure)

Digital Twin Technology


Agile Methodology

IT Governance

Data Aggregation

API Integration

Multi-Cloud Architecture

Open Urban Platform


Smart City Initiatives

Ethical AI

Responsible AI

Data Security

Data Collaboration

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