Levi9 and Talpa Network: User Experience and Scalable Solutions

Levi9's involvement with our teams has been transformative. Their integration is seamless, and they provide immense flexibility, which is vital for our dynamic media landscape.

Picture of Serge van Steensel

Serge van Steensel

CTO at Talpa Network

About the project

When it comes to Talpa Network, we’re committed to delivering custom software solutions that prioritize user experience while ensuring scalability for TV, radio, publishing, and shared service domains. Our approach is deeply rooted in data-driven development and user-centric design, highlighted by our Discovery-Delivery model, which encourages innovation through customer focus groups, refinement processes, and rigorous testing methods like Spikes, PoC, and A/B testing.


By combining our technical prowess with market solutions, we offer bespoke components that enhance time to market efficiency, while our small, specialized product teams guarantee swift adaptation and seamless collaboration. This intricate framework is supported by a robust infrastructure built on AWS, optimized by our certified experts, and fortified with the latest open-source technologies, all to uphold Talpa’s service excellence. 


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Digital Publishing

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Open-Source Libraries

Agile Development


DevOps Practices

Data-Driven Design

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Cloud-Native Applications

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Cross-Platform Integration