WCC Partners with Levi9 to Deliver an Innovative Civil Registration Solution


The synergy between WCC’s vision for the HERA product and Levi9’s technical expertise has been pivotal. Our collaboration goes beyond building a system; it’s about laying down the foundation for a world where access to education, healthcare, and civil rights is unfettered and universal for everyone.

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Roelof Troost


About the project

Nearly 20% of the global population lacks a legal identity, preventing access to essential civil services and rights. The UN aims to address this with the Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, targeting legal identity and free birth registration for all by 2030. WCC is contributing to this goal by developing a robust Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system that aligns with SDG 16.9 and enables governments to accurately record births, deaths, and vital statistics.


WCC’s success hinged on scaling rapidly to meet ambitious post-pandemic deadlines and the needs of diverse stakeholders. They partnered with Levi9 for our deep technical expertise and AWS Advanced Partner status. Our first team began working on the project in January 2022. WCC initially had a proof of concept (PoC) solution but then decided to build the platform entirely from scratch. We quickly scaled up our project team and deployed the PoC solution to production within two weeks. Then we tackled the new HERA solution.


The project was no small feat, requiring coordination across continents and a team adaptable to changing priorities and diverse cultures.


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