Levi9 and Bizzdesign Join Forces to Amplify Enterprise Transformation Success Rates

From: Ben Ruck, Industry Director at Levi9

Levi9 has partnered with Bizzdesign, the creators of the powerful Enterprise Architecture Platform, to elevate the success metrics of enterprise transformations, strategic investment allocations, and risk management. This strategic collaboration is set to leverage the robust engineering expertise of Levi9 to enhance the Bizzdesign platform’s promise of enabling enterprises to “see the full picture, find the right path, and execute with confidence”.

With a common goal of assisting complex organizations thrive amidst change, the alliance looks to blend Levi9’s expertise in CloudOps, technical innovation, software development and seasoned talent pool with Bizzdesign’s intelligent architecture platform. This synergy aims to broaden and accelerate the evolution of the Bizzdesign’s SaaS platform, delivering higher strategic alignment between business and IT strategies.

Levi9’s involvement stems from its well-established track record of fostering long-term partnerships with clients, constantly enriching technical platforms while aligning with the product architecture & strategy. Their commitment to best engineering practices will accelerate Bizzdesign’s mission of facilitating swift business transformations, data-driven decision-making, and a collaborative environment from architects to the C-level cadre.

“Our partnership with Bizzdesign is a testament to our goal of aligning technical innovation with strategic business objectives,” said Ben Ruck, Industry director at Levi9. “We are proud to contribute significantly to the expansion and acceleration of Bizzdesign’s platform, reinforcing its commitment to simplified, agile enterprise architecture, and strategic investment allocation.”

The Bizzdesign platform stands as a vanguard in driving strategic coordination, data integration, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and advanced analytics, all under robust governance and security protocols. This partnership will see Levi9 playing a pivotal role in augmenting these capabilities, ensuring enterprises benefit from a more intuitive modeling environment, enhanced data management, and superior analytics and visualization tools.

“We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration with Levi9 brings forth. Their technical expertise aligns with our vision of empowering enterprises with agile architecture, and we look forward to redefining the landscape of enterprise transformation together,” said Peter Matthijssen, CTO of Bizzdesign.

Clients can expect a reinforced architecture platform capable of delivering more precise models and roadmaps, streamlined data integration, impactful analytics, and a collaborative environment fostering effective decision-making and implementation.

Bizzdesign is a premier provider of Enterprise Architecture solutions, aiding organizations in seamlessly navigating through business transformations. With its innovative platform, Bizzdesign has been instrumental in boosting the success rate of strategic investment allocation and risk management, empowering enterprises with a clear line of sight from decision-making to implementation.