Levi9 Partners with LifeLine Ukraine on the CIRNAT Project for Community Impact

From: Wouter Timmerman, Account Manager at Levi9

We are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with LifeLine Ukraine, LifeLine Ukraine helps citizens, veterans, NGOs, small businesses, and communal infrastructure organizations in Eastern-Ukraine, in their efforts to survive and thrive throughout and after the war. This partnership centers around the CIRNAT project, a targeted initiative that aims to harness the potential of technology for meaningful community support.

Project CIRNAT (Critical Infrastructure Rapid Needs Assessment Tool)
The Levi9 Delivery Center in Lviv is currently building a solution which will support critical infrastructure operators in Ukraine such as water/sewerage companies, energy companies, hospitals, and road & train infrastructure companies. Especially those who suffer damage near the line of active military actions, this application will be used to apply for the funding for reconstruction in the country. The project is supported by the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once CIRNAT is online it will rapidly identify the most urgent issues at critical infrastructure projects in Ukraine and connect Ukrainian municipal enterprises with European and US funding and support (e.g. World Bank, EIB, EBRD, UN). Through this project we can positively affect the lives of the Ukrainian population living within the territory of the 2022 borders.” – Jeroen Ketting, Founder LifeLine Ukraine.

With a strong presence and offices in Ukraine, Levi9 is deeply connected to the community we serve. This partnership with LifeLine Ukraine is a natural extension of our commitment to the region, aligning our technical expertise with the real-life needs of individuals.

“As Levi9 we are deeply involved to help Ukraine and our colleagues during these terrible times. That’s why we have collaborated the last years in several ways with LifeLine Ukraine and we fully support their initiatives and goals, we are a proud partner. The CIRNAT project takes this partnership to a next level and gives us the opportunity to contribute with using our software development capabilities to create an important technology platform, a platform that will help rebuild Ukraine.” Said Menno de Jong, Founder and Board Member at Levi9

We are looking forward to progressing in this partnership with LifeLine Ukraine, driven by shared goals and a united vision for community support and empowerment.

About LifeLine Ukraine
Our mission is dedicated to delivering targeted humanitarian aid and comprehensive support within Ukraine, particularly focusing on regions adjacent to Belarus, Russia, and active conflict zones. Our commitment involves providing targeted humanitarian aid to marginalized Ukrainians in key areas, bolstering small businesses and veterans to overcome war-induced challenges, and enhancing their integration into the labor market. Simultaneously, we contribute to Ukraine’s early reconstruction and establish a solid, practical platform to support Dutch, and other EU organizations with their local projects, offering essential resources and expertise.