Giarte is a leading research and consultancy agency, operating in the field of IT services and IT outsourcing. Its annual Outsourcing Performance (OP) is the most extensive benchmark study of IT managed services in the Netherlands.

We’re ecstatic to report that we’ve recently scored great results for the 9th year running in the 2020 Giarte Outsourcing Performance review.

As it turns out, customers rate us very highly when it comes to reliability, communication, skills, empathy, willingness, and openness. Not bad, huh?

This year’s theme was IT experience benchmark, and with our customer focus, it seemed like a match made in heaven!

Obviously, we’re thrilled with the news but we´re never one to rest on our laurels. That’s why we’ll continue to strive forward and keep improving in all areas. That’s just who we are!

Three Big Outcomes For Us

There were several key points about our performance that we were particularly proud of.

1) Trust We achieved very high marks on Reliability and 85% of customers would also recommend us.

The average Levi9 trust score is above our peer group of service providers. This score is curated from trust indicators such as reliability, communication, competence, empathy, willingness, and openness.

According to Debby Jansen, our Chief Customer Officer, “Trust is everything in this game. We treat trust as a currency. If it’s in short supply, then the team does poorly. If trust excels between our customers and us, we all have access to great talent, energy, and creativity. We’re able to innately understand our customers, their business, and build great relationships.”

2) Customer Focused Levi9 has taken third place in the Customer Focused category.

“Finishing third in a very competitive landscape is a big deal for us. We have daily collaborations with our customers, and by having a clear customer focus, we can now see it’s making a positive difference. Our goal for next year will be to reach the number one place!” says Debby.

3) Knowledgeable and Competencies We scored a whopping 83% in the Knowledgeable and Competencies section, an above-average score compared to our peer group.

Debby goes on to say, “We continuously invest in our people, offering them learning programmes and 360-degree mentorship opportunities where everyone can learn from everyone else. We also offer several online learning resources and certifications, as we believe learning never stops.”

How To Stay On Top When It Comes To Customers Debby, like all of us, is passionate about customer-centric culture.

“By looking at each score and focusing on the improvement areas from last year, we were able to increase our overall score, year-on-year. Giarte´s independent research and IT experience enables us to continuously improve ourselves,” she says.

“This year, 39 people responded from our customer list, which is a vast number and says a lot about our relationship with our customers. They are willing to participate and for that I am very grateful.”

One of the main reasons for participating in Giarte´s Outsourcing Performance report is to benchmark how we’re performing internally and externally, so that everyone understands the real story behind our business.

To The Future

Levi9’s healthy development over the past years has been a testament to all the hard work from all our levi niners. Because we’ve placed our customers at the heart of our strategy, we´re even more responsive to our customers’ needs.

Overall, this very positive result reflects Levi9´s confidence and customer-centric philosophy. We can take pride in how our customers express their appreciation – which is testament to all levi niners who work with passion every day to deliver the best possible result.

We would also like to thank all our customers who have placed great trust in us and all our levi niners over the years. That is a massive compliment to us all!

A Bit About Giarte

Since 2002, Giarte Research and OP have recorded customer organisations’ experiences of their IT service providers and currently works with around 42 service providers. They ask their customers all sorts of questions around collaboration, gain detailed insights and analysis on market position, and advise IT organisations on both the supply and demand side.