Levi9 and HomeQgo Join Forces to Enhance Home Sustainability with Digital Innovation 

We are proud to announce our partnership with HomeQgo, a specialist in home sustainability. This collaboration aims to integrate Levi9’s expertise in the digital solution development with HomeQgo’s commitment to promoting sustainable living, marking a significant step forward in the home sustainability sector.


HomeQgo, recognized for its smart digital platform, guides homeowners in enhancing their home sustainability since 2017. Through an online house scan, the platform offers personalized advice and quick, actionable solutions, allowing homeowners to understand and significantly improve their sustainability footprint.


The collaboration is set to enrich HomeQgo’s digital services by incorporating Levi9’s experience in developing scalable and robust digital platforms. The objective is to make sustainable living more accessible and manageable for homeowners by providing a seamless and integrated digital experience.

At Levi9, we take pride in our ability to innovate and tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Partnering with HomeQgo aligns with our vision of using technology to address real-world challenges. We are excited to contribute to HomeQgo’s mission of promoting sustainable living, making it a more practical and attainable goal for homeowners.

HomeQgo, a part of Rabobank since 2020, is at the forefront of offering sustainable home solutions. This partnership with Levi9 is set to enhance HomeQgo’s digital capabilities, streamlining the process for homeowners to adopt sustainable practices.

We are pleased to partner with Levi9. This partnership represents our shared goals and values. We believe that Levi9’s technological strengths will complement our sustainable initiatives, ultimately benefiting homeowners who are looking to make informed decisions about sustainability.

As this partnership progresses, both companies anticipate that it will bring forth innovative digital solutions, contributing positively to the home sustainability sector.

About HomeQgo

HomeQgo is a leader in providing digital solutions for home sustainability. As a subsidiary of Rabobank since 2020, HomeQgo is dedicated to offering effective and personalised solutions for homeowners pursuing sustainable living.

21 February 2024

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