Levi9 and GiftShift Collaborate to Develop a Donation Platform

Levi9 Technology Services and GiftShift, a Utrecht-based startup dedicated to bettering the world, proudly announce a new partnership. As part of this alliance, Levi9 will develop an advanced donation platform with GiftShift to enhance the positive impact of charitable organisations and donations.

Addressing challenges and enhancing engagement

GiftShift recognises the challenge charities face in engaging and retaining younger demographics, despite this generation’s ongoing intention to contribute to a better world. Research has shown that flexibility, transparency, and user-friendliness are essential to engage (young) donors.

Inclusive collaboration for better impact

Therefore, GiftShift provides a new channel that meets these needs for both charities and donors. Collaborating closely with a consortium of charitable organizations, including KWF, Greenpeace, Red Cross, Oxfam Novib, Doctors Without Borders, and Bird Protection, GiftShift operates from a shared vision. “Both the consortium and GiftShift welcome more charities to join this movement, especially because that’s what our target audience is asking for,” says John van Pijkeren, co-founder of GiftShift.

Expanding reach through commercial collaborations

In addition to partnering with charities, GiftShift also collaborates with (commercial) organisations to increase visibility and, consequently, donations to charitable causes. “Through these fruitful partnerships, we are present where the audience is, lowering the threshold to ‘do good’. Moreover, it provides organisations a straightforward and accessible way to be socially involved and contribute to a better world,” asserts John van Pijkeren.

Leveraging technology for social good

The donation platform that Levi9 will develop for GiftShift allows charities to benefit from advanced technology and innovative features. Offering flexibility, transparency, and ease of use to both donors and charitable organizations, the platform ensures the donation process is smooth and effective. This enables charities to continue their vital missions and contribute to positive change.

Levi9’s contribution to society

Levi9, with years of custom software development experience, sees the partnership with GiftShift as an opportunity to employ their technological capabilities for a socially important cause. Through the development of the donation platform, they aim to make a positive contribution to society and support charities in their efforts.

Looking toward the future

Both organisations look forward to a long-term collaboration and are committed to improving the world together by combining innovation, technology, and social engagement.

About GiftShift

GiftShift, a Utrecht-based startup founded by Jelle Heijman, Richard Ritsema, Thierry de Groot, Jordy Dekker, and John van Pijkeren, is driven by entrepreneurship and the desire to bring about sustainable and positive change. With a mix of expertise in strategy, marketing, data, design, and technology, GiftShift seeks collaborations that create real impact and contribute to a better world.

3 October 2023

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