Levi9 Enters into Long-Term Master Service Agreement with Vialis

From: Albert Klingenberg, Industry Director at Levi9

We are pleased to announce the signing of a new 5-year Master Service Agreement with Vialis, a leading player in the mobility and infrastructure sector in the Netherlands.

This contract fosters a working relationship with Vialis, a VolkerWessels company focused on infrastructure within the Netherlands. It underscores Levi9’s commitment to providing tailor-made IT services and digital solutions that meet the detailed business needs of its clients.

“We are excited about what this means for both parties. This agreement with Vialis enables us to apply our expertise in a way that contributes to the infrastructural progress for which Vialis is known. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that aligns with our strategy and commitment to quality,” said Paul Schuyt, CEO of Levi9.

Remco van der Wielen, Director of Products & Services at Vialis, added, “Levi9’s reputation in the Dutch market for creating and scaling digital products aligns well with our vision. We look forward to seeing how their innovative approach to IT services will support our infrastructure projects.”

This agreement not only strengthens Levi9’s position as a provider of comprehensive IT solutions but also demonstrates its ability to support large-scale infrastructure projects through digital innovation.

About Vialis
Vialis is dedicated to ensuring safe and available infrastructure. Along with over 750 colleagues, Vialis has been working for nearly a hundred years on the flow of traffic over roads, water, and rail to maintain a livable Netherlands. Vialis does this for public clients such as provinces and municipalities, Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail, and for private clients such as Schiphol, port companies, and logistics service providers. Vialis is part of VolkerWessels Infrastructure.