Serverless computing

How to accelerate your development?

By using cloud native technologies, you can accelerate speed of software development.

The industry is delivering new technologies that facilitate the pace of delivery. Cloud services are the biggest accelerators.

The clear advantages of serverless computing are: 

  • Lower cost
  • Simplified
  • Scalability
  • Simplification
  • Speed of delivery

The biggest accelerators

Cloud providers started offering capacity/infrastructure as a service (IaaS), then moved to offering more complex services such as platform and software as a service (PaaS/SaaS).  Based on our Tech9 yearly survey we can evidently see that on-premise setups are dropping in favor of all 3 major cloud providers.

The next evolution of cloud services is Serverless computing where backend services are provided and charged based on as-used basis (FAAS, functions as a service).

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The next layer of abstraction in software development.

The future of serverless continues to offer developers a path to delivering business value in use cases we couldn’t even imagine two years ago.

Strongly reduced OPS costs with serverless

Cost of running serverless vs running a Virtual Machine

Radically decreased development time

Serverless allows businesses to deliver customer value above and beyond the capability of the competition.

Case study

Accelerate development for incision

We developed a brand new platform that is scalable, delivers content with low latency to users in developing countries, and is build in the AWS cloud.

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