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[Past Event] 26 October - QA Online Meetup Ukraine

October 26th 2021

QA Online Meetup

Join our QA Meetup on October 26 at 19:00!

Discuss current issues in the world of QA and share your experience with peers at this FREE online event from Levi9. Join the meet-up to get practical knowledge from our QA experts.

What are we going to talk about:

  • “Migration from protractor: which tool is the most promising”, –– Khotemsky Alexander, SDET at Doxy.me
  • “OOP design patterns in e2e tests”, –– Mykhailo Lepsky, Test Automation Engineer (JS) at Levi9
    Moderator: Sobur Sergey, Test Lead / Principal QA Engineer at Levi9

Levi9 works with JS / TS, Java, Python, C #, Mobile on Microsoft and AWS platforms. We implement projects with various stacks, platforms and tools, including: WebdriverIO, Cypress, Protractor, Playwright, Appium, RestAssured, Gatling, k6, Browserstack, SauceLabs and many others. Our QA team has more than 30 technicians who will share their experience and help develop your hard & soft skills.

How to sign-up?

Registration: https://bit.ly/3AWz22F

Ukraine Online Event


19:00 (EEST)


October 26, 2021



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[Past Event] 26 October - PY9 Meetup Serbia

October 26th 2021

FastAPI in a Modern Environment

You’re invited to our #PYTHON meetup, which takes place on October 26 at Dorćol Platz, in compliance with the prescribed COVID measures.

FastAPI in a modern environment
SLS Components @Edge

FastAPI is currently one of the most exciting web frameworks of today. This is because it uses more Python programming functions than any other framework, and some of them are type hints, async, wait, dataclasess and many others. There is a large selection of different frameworks for anyone looking to develop API solutions in Python, and FastAPI is more than a great choice. This meetup will show you some tricks to help you get started.

Serverless components allow us to quickly deployment the entire infrastructure with the help of Serverless framework. Similar to the CI / CD product, it allows real time logs within the console for fast debugging. They also allow you to create your own components as well as share them. Ideally it covers every type of application from prototype to enterprise.

About the speakers

Đjorđe Ristić, Medior Python Developer, Levi9
Đjorđe is a Python developer and levi niners who inspires innovation. Follow best practices for developing secure, scalable, and reliable applications.

Milos Cvetkovic, Javascript Tech Lead, Levi9
Milos is an experienced JavaScript programmer who enjoys new technologies. Serverless enthusiasts.

How to sign-up?

The number of places is limited, and applications are required. Free parking is provided for all participants, in front of the Levi9 company, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

You can find the REGISTRATION link in the event header, or copy it directly → https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/py9meetup

Belgrade, Serbia


18:00 (CEST)


October 26, 2021


Dorćol Platz

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[Past Event] Java Meetup Ukraine

June 17th 2021

Java is our thing.

We are happy to invite you to the Java meetup by Levi9 on June 17.

What is in the program?

  • On the way to the cloud with Quarkus, Java and Graal - Alexey Loubyansky, Principal Software Engineer @Red Hat
  • Performance: nuance versus evidence - Sergii Tsypanov, Senior Java Developer, Levi9
  • Event moderator: Dmytro Panin, Levi9 Delivery Director, Kyiv.

When: 17 June, 2021 at 19:00 (EEST)

Cost to join: FREE! 100%


Register and join the meetup now!

Don’t miss your cool Java summer evening!

Online Event Ukraine


19:00 (EEST)


June 17, 2021



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[Past Event] Online Discussion Digital Innovation

March 25th 2021

3 industry perspectives on digital innovation

Digital innovation is everywhere. Organizations see new opportunities and acceleration of digital business all around. We’re all using technology in innovative ways to address the grand challenges of today.

Still, we’re far from finished. Less than 20% of organizations are truly happy with the state of their innovation today. New technologies hold grand promises, but many ideas never make it to the stage where they deliver the promised value, for a multitude of reasons.

In order to learn from and inspire each other, we’re hosting a virtual panel discussion with three digital innovators to discuss the role and importance of digital innovation in their companies.

Each speaker will share their experiences in making innovation work in their organizations. We’ll talk about decision making, innovation politics and establishing the right culture and processes for innovation. We expect a fun online event with practical insights on digital innovation from three very different organizations.

Panel speakers

  • Ritsaart van Montfrans, CEO Incision
  • Piotr Krzepczak, Co-Founder & CTO ‎Everon
  • Maarten Witteman, IT Area Manager DPG Media
  • Moderator: Erik van Ommeren, Innovation Strategy Expert Levi9

Online event

In order to join the event, you’ll need to sign up via the link below. The discussion will be hosted via WebinarGeek and you can view it from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Thursday, March 25, 2021






Planning starts in the boardroom

[Past Event] Webinar Product Discovery

November 26th 2020

We will focus on one of the techniques – User Story Mapping

Webinar Product Discovery with Raimo van der Klein

Understanding the business goals of our customers and the needs of their users is an essential part of building the right, high-quality, software solutions.

But how do you ensure that the development teams understand the bigger picture (why do we need it) and know what to build to fulfill those needs?
How do you accomplish a common understanding between business and IT?
In what way do you engage the development teams to think together with business representatives?
How would you approach all these challenges while working remotely?

There are many techniques that can help in accomplishing this, realizing your business goals.

During this webinar, our experts Nina Stanic and Dragana Stanković will focus on one of those techniques – User Story Mapping in practice.
You will be taken through the whole process, from the preparation phase and follow-up actions to the implementation stage.

We are excited to have Raimo van der Klein – Chief Product & Technology Officer at Incision as our guest speaker, who is an expert in this field and has experienced USM workshops during the partnership with Levi9.

“Raimo has been board member, founder and CEO of Layar, a global leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between print and digital worlds.
Raimo has been active in the startup domain since 2008 and has served as a mentor at Rockstart, an advisor to Startup Amsterdam and advisor to several startups. He has written many articles related to team dynamics in combination with autonomous teams like founder teams.”

Online event




26 November

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Levi9 team member with covid19 mask

[Past Event] Webinar with Microsoft

November 5th 2020

Cloud security by design and security trends

During the event, guest speaker Hans van der Meer (Sr. Business Group Lead Microsoft 365 at Microsoft) will share the principles of cloud security by design, trends in the market, and how customers perceive security.
He will explain how Microsoft is using Azure to help customers in this increasingly complex security area.

Hans is working for Microsoft for almost 30 years in different roles with a passion for technology, customer focus, and a growth mindset. He is helping customers and partners with the right mix of technology. People and culture are one of his most important focus areas and he is really passionate about that, which is exactly why we at Levi9 are a great match.

Webinar with Microsoft

As Microsoft Gold Partner we aim to bring technology, business and people together. We are proud to present you this webinar where we bundle our expertise to inspire and share knowledge.




5 November 2020

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Levi9 home office with kids

[Past Event] Staying connected & secure when working from home

May 27th 2020

Staying connected & secure when working from home

These are new times with new challenges for all of us. And while many businesses struggle to stay in business, others are reinventing themselves to keep delivering services to their customers. For many of us, business continuity has been a theoretical exercise: creating plans for unlikely events. This time, it is for real.

Working from home is not new for Levi9, we had both the technology and the mentality in place. Still, we faced additional challenges when ensuring that 1100 people across Europe could work from home, both securely and effectively. Being an Agile company at heart, we have overcome these challenges quickly and without impact on delivering to our customers worldwide.

When faced with the requirements of social distancing, and as consequence having to work from home, we are all quickly picking up on this new way of working. Digital lunches with the team and Friday drinks, working with your child on your lap and with your cat on your keyboard is not something we were accustomed to on a daily basis before.

At the same time, when faced with fears for our loved ones, we are ready to compromise on what we took for granted before, like socializing with our friends and colleagues. However, there are some things we cannot compromise on, even under these circumstances. Digital security is certainly one of those things, and now it is even more important than ever.

We feel that in these times, it is important that we share and learn from each other. What troubles did you come along and what creative solutions did you come up with? Do you still have questions and concerns and would you like to know how other digital and software companies moved to the new normal? What do you think is waiting on the horizon and how do you expect you will be organized -say- half a year from now?

We want to share our experiences with you and give you the opportunity to share your creative solutions, concerns and questions with us and with other Levi9 customers. We would like to invite you for an Online Round Table session to share with you our story on how we did it and to invite you for a discussion about this topic.

Online round-table




27 May 2020

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[Past Event] Webinar Accelerated Development

March 11th 2020

Webinar Accelerated Development - Tech9 Survey results

In the market of tailor-made software solutions for business technology, innovation will be focused on increasing the PACE OF DELIVERY. After all, pace influences time to market and indirectly costs.

The industry is delivering new technologies that facilitate this pace of delivery. Cloud services are the biggest accelerators. Developing high quality business technology will become more and more a skill of smart orchestration and integration of services and unique software.

Serverless eliminates the need to provision and manage infrastructure components (e.g., servers, databases, queues, and even containers), allowing teams to focus on code while minimizing their operational overhead.

Please join us for a session where Levi9’s Thought Leader Dragan Gajic will discuss the outcome of the Tech Survey 2020, together with Amer Grgic, CTO of Tevreden.nl and founder of Livebytes and Sander Kieft, Senior Director Architecture & DevOps of PVH (home of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein).

Please block 26 May & register fast (limited seats available)

Hosted by:
Dragan Gajic, Thought Leader Levi9
Amer Grgig, CTO Tevreden.nl, Founder Livebytes
Sander Kieft, Senior Director Architecture & DevOps PVH

Online event




11 March 2020

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[Past Event] DevOps and Agile Transformation

February 13th 2020

DevOps and Agile Transformation

With over 15 years of experience in software development and Scrum processes since 2007 in various setups, Levi9 has accumulated vast hands-on experience in the agile way of working in a variety of software development environments.

In our upcoming “DevOps and Agile Transformation” event we will share our best practices in delivering software solutions.

Our focus is on delivering software on the revenue generating side of IT (business IT) in close cooperation and high interaction with our customers. This is where repeatable quality and short time to market, from the business idea to software on production, make the difference.

In this event, we will provide insight into various aspects of how to build and refine a software development organisation that provides reliable and measurable output sprint by sprint.

Interested in more information & the program? Click on the link below to register for this free event.

15:00 Creating better specifications with software developers

From a business idea to software. We will show you how we are using User Story Mapping, co-creation and Specification by example techniques to turn business ideas into software.

16:00 Agile culture, metrics and visibility 

Agile does not mean no commitment to results. We show you which key Scrum metrics are relevant to capture, track and base a continuous improvement process on. How can you make Sprint results predictable, build a high-performance team and achieve both team and Product Owner happiness?

17:00 DevOps - or how to deliver business value early

We will show you how to deliver business value early, automated and repeatable and how to achieve self service for Scrum teams, continuous delivery and zero-downtime deployments.

18:00 Closing

Drinks & Networking

Event at Restaurant Zuiver Utrecht




13 February 2020

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