Customer Focus Week 2023

Customer Focus Week 2023


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We prioritise personal relationships with our customers and colleagues and believe in sharing experiences for happy people and happy customers. Join our annual Customer Focus Week, where we will share personal stories, invite a customer experience expert, and provide insights on how to make a difference through value creation and delivery. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with us!



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Great Customer Experiences don't happen by accident

Nienke Bloem MBA CCXP is called the Customer Experience Thoughtleader. She is a global keynote speaker on Customer Focus and inspires audiences with best practices and proven methodologies. When it comes to CX, she leads a speaking practice, a game company, and an Education business. So, you could say ‘she breathes CX’. With her 20 years’ experience in strategic change management positions within telecom, travel, financial and IT businesses, she knows how businesses work and she speaks the language. But on stage, her talks are inspiring and hands-on. She is a true Dutchy, so expect some directness and a practical approach. That fits perfect with her brand promise “Making Customer Experience Work!” and yes, she will wear her (Levi9😉) blue dress.

How we deliver value at Kompas Publishing

Dariia Boieva will share insights over the past few years, how Kompasses Schoolbank has evolved from a mere support system to an actively developed platform with new and innovative features. The team’s focus on a product-driven mindset has led to a key value proposition for its customers, generating revenue for clients while efficiently and effectively solving their problems. The team’s hard work has resulted in a growing number of premium memberships, along with increased advertising clicks and revenue. With new promotions and values, the team’s data analysis and usage are well on their way to achieving even greater success.

Floor is lava at Backbase

Stanislav Perevezentsev & Oleksandra Zhdanova discuss the challenges Backbase is facing in meeting the different requirements and regulations of its customers, maturing its product by dropping beta, facing non-functional requirements and a lack of data to test, an avalanche of maintenance that requires attention, and maintaining feature parity between its platforms. To tackle these challenges, Backbase is taking several actions, including implementing direct communication with customers, reviewing the maintenance process, analyzing the root cause of problems with deep RFF analysis, configuring and mapping requirements, prioritizing support over new features, understanding the product on the team level, moving to Kanban, and improving documentation. These actions are aimed at ensuring successful project launches despite the tight timeline.

Value discovery: An unexpected journey

This year, our special guest Andrei Postolache will share his  story about the journey from imagined value, to real value. From ivory tower ideas of value, to real life, on the ground value. Together with our colleagues Codrin Baleanu and Radu Ciocan we will discuss where to start, explore the challenges we may face and identify who or what can help us overcome them. This session is designed to be informative and engaging, offering you insights into the concept of value and how to apply it to your work.

How to Discover and Deliver Value

It is crucial to understand the value that our customers seek, as it allows us to make an impact on their customers’ business. To discover this value we need to ask ourselves questions as;

  • Why is it important to understand what value means for our customers?
  • How do we discover that value in order to make an impact on our customers’ business?
  • What are the common challenges our teams face in this process?
  • How do we measure that value?

Join us and learn from Jelena Kutlaca Milosevic, Simona Temelkova Nikolic, Dario Djurica, and Igor Jankovic. Discussion is moderated by Vanja Al-Halidi. They will answer the prior questions and more…

Delivering Value at Sendcloud. Let’s hear it from the customer!

Evgeny Sharypin is Engineering Manager at Sendcloud, Europe’s #1 shipping automation tool. Sendcloud connects a big number of e-commerce systems and postal carriers together in one system, allowing webshops to optimise their shipping process and save a lot of time and money while doing so.

At Sendcloud, Evgeny is responsible for the technical handling of the carrier integrations for the last three years. Together with Levi9 in 2021-2022 we have carried out a huge project that resulted in a microservice transformation of our carrier integration landscape.  We currently run a fleet of 60 services that connect the core of our platform with postal services, and that could have not been possible without our fruitful cooperation with Levi9.

October 1st - Inspiration Conference

October 1st 2022

Share. Learn. Connect.

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived – registration for the 9Inspiration conference is open!

You will have the opportunity to hear world-class speakers who will share their experience from leadership expert positions in companies such as Amazon, Glovo, Ikea, and Upbound. Two of them are AWS Data Heroes!

Program of the Levi9 Conference

See the full agenda here.

Levi9 Conference ticket

You will activate Levi9 Conference ticket, after donating money directly to NURDOR Serbia. All the details will be sent via email after you complete the registration form. The number of places is limited, so hurry up.

Let’s create an impact together!

Donate to NURDOR

Is there anything better than doing the right thing for right cause 

When we decided to create unique opportunity to gather Serbian IT community on the conference where they can learn, connect, and share experience, we wanted to do the same for our local community. This is why we chose NURDOR, as the only association of this kind in Serbia that deals with comprehensive psycho-social support for families and system solutions that enable the health care sector of pediatric oncology in our country to function better.  

All the money from registration fee will be donated to NURDOR, to help them achieve efforts in supporting paediatrics oncology. Our goal is to raise 500.000 RSD and starting price for registration is 1.000 RSD. Number of participants is limited to 500. 

We encourage all participants to pay as much as they want, with minimum of 1.000 RSD, and no maximum limit set.   

Let’s help kids and families who are fighting the most important battle! 

Belgrade, Serbia


09.00 (CEST)


October 1st, 2022

Register Now!

Levi9 modern working space

[Past Event] 26 October - QA Online Meetup Ukraine

October 26th 2021

QA Online Meetup

Join our QA Meetup on October 26 at 19:00!

Discuss current issues in the world of QA and share your experience with peers at this FREE online event from Levi9. Join the meet-up to get practical knowledge from our QA experts.

What are we going to talk about:

  • “Migration from protractor: which tool is the most promising”, –– Khotemsky Alexander, SDET at
  • “OOP design patterns in e2e tests”, –– Mykhailo Lepsky, Test Automation Engineer (JS) at Levi9
    Moderator: Sobur Sergey, Test Lead / Principal QA Engineer at Levi9

Levi9 works with JS / TS, Java, Python, C #, Mobile on Microsoft and AWS platforms. We implement projects with various stacks, platforms and tools, including: WebdriverIO, Cypress, Protractor, Playwright, Appium, RestAssured, Gatling, k6, Browserstack, SauceLabs and many others. Our QA team has more than 30 technicians who will share their experience and help develop your hard & soft skills.

How to sign-up?


Ukraine Online Event


19:00 (EEST)


October 26, 2021



Save your spot!

[Past Event] 26 October - PY9 Meetup Serbia

October 26th 2021

FastAPI in a Modern Environment

You’re invited to our #PYTHON meetup, which takes place on October 26 at Dorćol Platz, in compliance with the prescribed COVID measures.

FastAPI in a modern environment
SLS Components @Edge

FastAPI is currently one of the most exciting web frameworks of today. This is because it uses more Python programming functions than any other framework, and some of them are type hints, async, wait, dataclasess and many others. There is a large selection of different frameworks for anyone looking to develop API solutions in Python, and FastAPI is more than a great choice. This meetup will show you some tricks to help you get started.

Serverless components allow us to quickly deployment the entire infrastructure with the help of Serverless framework. Similar to the CI / CD product, it allows real time logs within the console for fast debugging. They also allow you to create your own components as well as share them. Ideally it covers every type of application from prototype to enterprise.

About the speakers

Đjorđe Ristić, Medior Python Developer, Levi9
Đjorđe is a Python developer and levi niners who inspires innovation. Follow best practices for developing secure, scalable, and reliable applications.

Milos Cvetkovic, Javascript Tech Lead, Levi9
Milos is an experienced JavaScript programmer who enjoys new technologies. Serverless enthusiasts.

How to sign-up?

The number of places is limited, and applications are required. Free parking is provided for all participants, in front of the Levi9 company, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

You can find the REGISTRATION link in the event header, or copy it directly →

Belgrade, Serbia


18:00 (CEST)


October 26, 2021


Dorćol Platz

Save your spot!

Levi9 work space

[Past Event] Java Meetup Ukraine

June 17th 2021

Java is our thing.

We are happy to invite you to the Java meetup by Levi9 on June 17.

What is in the program?

  • On the way to the cloud with Quarkus, Java and Graal - Alexey Loubyansky, Principal Software Engineer @Red Hat
  • Performance: nuance versus evidence - Sergii Tsypanov, Senior Java Developer, Levi9
  • Event moderator: Dmytro Panin, Levi9 Delivery Director, Kyiv.

When: 17 June, 2021 at 19:00 (EEST)

Cost to join: FREE! 100%


Register and join the meetup now!

Don’t miss your cool Java summer evening!

Online Event Ukraine


19:00 (EEST)


June 17, 2021



Save your spot!

[Past Event] Levi9 AQA Java hiring week

March 15-19 2021

Hiring in 1 day!

At Levi9 Ukraine, we’re challenging the traditional, complex hiring process. Let us make you an offer in 999 minutes!

We are looking for a Middle Automation QA Engineer to support the Back-End team of our Dutch customer, BackBase, a provider of state-of-the-art digital banking services for fin-tech companies.

Technology stack: Java; REST-assured, TestNG, JUnit

Next year, the team will work on rights services that control users’ access and limit the actions they can take with the resources to which they are admitted.

How does it work?
During our hiring week, you will be able to go through all the application stages within a few hours; including receiving a job offer as soon as possible!

Regardless of the outcome of the interview, among the participants with a relevant resume, we will randomly run a giveaway of a telescope. See with your own eyes the trail left on Jupiter by Comet-Shoemaker-Levy9; after which our company is named!

Full job description:

Middle QA Automation Engineer (Java, API)

Online Event Ukraine

Simple steps to participate:
1. Register with button below or at
2. Talk to the recruiter and arrange an online interview.
3. Pass the technical interview.
4. Get a Job offer. ?
5. Win a telescope.


Levi9 colleagues smiling at educational event

[Past Event] 5 Days on Java

November 24-28th 2020

5-day online competition for tech students

We hosted an online competition, “5 days on Java”, from November 24th until 28th.

This event was organized with the student association EESTEC from Novi Sad. EESTEC stands for Electrical Engineering STudents’ European association, an apolitical, non-governmental, and non-profit organization for EECS students at universities, institutes, and schools of technology.

All students with a technical educational background were welcome to apply with their teams.

The competition consisted of two parts:


For CHALLENGE, they had 48 hours to solve the Java task in a home atmosphere, together with their teams.

The best teams qualified for the second part of the competition, TEAM UP This part was held on November 28th in the form of an online hackathon.

Interested to learn more? Contact us with the button to the right.

Event Novi Sad


24-28 Nov. 2020

Contact for info

[Past Event] Webinar DevOps engineer

October 22nd 2020

Why become a DevOps engineer?

The term DevOps has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Have you ever wondered what the term represents, who DevOps engineers are, and why nowadays, so many companies are looking for DevOps engineers?

At this webinar, we offered guests the opportunity to find out what a DevOps does at Levi9, what kind of knowledge you need to become a DevOps, and what awaits you in our DevOps internship. We will also be in a great mood to answer all your questions!

Want to find out more about our DevOps positions? Contact us at the button to the right.





22 October

Contact for more info