Employee Journey

Your Levi9 journey

Maybe you’ve heard of us before. Maybe you saw one of the team at an event? Perhaps you’re looking for a new career challenge – one that’ll take you further than where you are right now? Whatever the reason, welcome. We’re stoked that you’re interested and want to find out more about us. We value our culture here – which is reflected in our values – and want everyone who interacts with us to have a positive experience. So let’s start as we mean to go on. Who knows – maybe you’ll get to play a part in our success firsthand?


Get to know us

At Levi9 we’re fiercely proud of our culture and believe everyone should get a chance to experience it, even those who are not yet part of the team. That’s why we get out and about and run tours of our offices at our Open Doors events. Our colleagues are very active in the local tech communities, which is why you’ll find a levi niner or two at many meetups and conferences. We take pride in giving back too, helping students or established professionals looking to break into a career in IT.

Five steps to joining Levi9

1. Application

You’ll find all open vacancies and details of how to apply on our website. Want more info? We’ll provide you everything you need to get a clear understanding of the job.

2. HR Interview

Once you’re a candidate, HR will give you more information about the company, opportunities for personal development, perks, benefits, company rules, and regulations.

3. Technical test

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your skills on a practical test.

4. Technical Interview

The team will make sure your Technical Interview is a valuable experience in a friendly atmosphere. No matter the outcome, we’ll give you comprehensive feedback to help you further your professional development.

5. Final discussion

We know how hard waiting can be, so we’ll always keep you in the loop and update you as soon as a final decision is made.

Your First Day

Hit the ground running

On your first day at Levi9 we’ll onboard right away. You’ll get a whistlestop tour of our company strategy, culture, values, standards procedures, internal resources and learning opportunities. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have a chance to meet our CEO as well as your local Delivery Centre Director. We get it; there’s a lot to take in first, but don't worry, your Department Manager will be there to guide you and you’ll also be assigned a buddy who will support you during your first months at Levi9, as you adjust to life here.

Working at Levi9

Reach peak performance

We strongly believe that growth, both personal and professional, is one of the most important predictors of a happy life. Here at Levi9 you’ll have the opportunity to grow in every phase of your career. We have a well-established practice of producing Personal Developmental Plans for each team member. With such great support, you’ll have the chance to develop in a way that supports your aims and ambitions. Don't know what to learn, or not sure how to start? Our Department Managers and Team Leads can steer you in the right direction. We’re also constantly creating new learning resources and initiatives to make sure your road to peak performance is a smooth one. We’ve also worked hard to create a culture of mentorship and even have an online Levi9 Academy where you can access the resources you need, when you need them.

Personal development

Grow your career

Our employees are passionate about their work and their professional growth is what inspires them in their everyday work.

We believe learning-by-doing plays a vital role in career growth and development. Our feedback-driven culture helps us all grow together, and you’ll get the chance to expand your expertise by working on different projects, for different customers, in different business domains. You’ll also have a lot of opportunities to grow by applying different technologies, participating in product definition processes, attending conferences, gaining professional certifications, and more. 

You are the owner of your personal development journey. All we offer is our support to help you grow your expertise.

At Levi9, we’re also very proud of our tailor made program for leaders: Lead9. It’s designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and better understand yourself and people around you – whether you’re a first time manager or an established leader.

Levi Niners

Always a levi niner

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Should you decide to leave us, there won’t be any hard feelings. We look at off-boarding as an opportunity to positively close another chapter and reflect on our past experiences together. We believe that feedback is a great way to learn and this is a key moment to give and to receive it. That way we can continue to do our very best, for ourselves, our teams, and our customers. Oh, and there’s a saying among our vast and varied alumni: ‘Once a levi niner, always a levi niner!’

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