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Traffic and Transport

The Traffic and Transport industry is rapidly evolving. New technology are emerging and driving this change, new service models are introduced and expectations of both commuters and businesses around Mobility-as-a-Service are continuously changing and becoming more apparent; commuters expect (multi-modal) mobility to become more accessible and expect seamless integration of planning and payment through digital means e.g. smartphones. To support this change, we provide our services for the development of products and solutions a.o. in the areas of:

Location Based Services (LBS) are services that use location data to provide relevant services and information, e.g. identify a location of a person or object. Levi nine has built up competence in several LBS such as payment integration, geolocation visualization (e.g. OpenStreetMaps), on board units and Mobile devices (Embedded, Open).

(Big) Data processing & Analytics and Prediction refers to collecting and analyzing data to be able to predict certain behavior. This can be applied in areas like traffic management where the information needs to be processed (near) real-time. Also in the area of public transport the application of data processing, analytics and prediction can be applied, like using machine learning for routing of buses. Levi nine has experience in solutions such as real time status, visualization of data, intelligent data processing & Traffic optimization models (i.e. Machine learning).

Data of Sensors & IoT refers to the collecting and exchanging of data between devices, vehicles, buildings, etc. The internetworking of these devices results in more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, leading to more efficiency, accuracy and hence economic benefits. Levi nine has experience in the area of vehicle sensor network, vehicle-2-Infrastructure, Vehicle-2-Vehicle, traffic infrastructure and protocols.

Our cases in Traffic and Transport

Traffic Light Assistant

The app assists the driver when the car approaches a traffic signal and provides him/her with the recommended driving speed up to the traffic light. When an equipped vehicle approaches an intersection with traffic lights, the app receives the status information of the traffic lights; whether they are red, amber or green, and how much time is left until the colour changes for the next signal phase. A recommendation to exceed the speed limit will not be given by the app. Levi nine has developed the mobile app in Android.

Schiphol Dashboard

The Schiphol Dashboard is a web application that provides flight status information based on complex event processing. It allows Schiphol employees to see what is the actual landing time compared to the scheduled and estimated one. The application also helps managing baggage reclaim by showing the times of passenger de-boarding and baggage unloading. Levi nine has developed the frontend of the application.


A next-gen approach to secure ticketless public transport payment by smartphone. Operators simply install Near Field Communication (NFC) tags provided by Xerox on their transport network. The user downloads the app onto their NFCenabled smartphone and registers with Xerox Seamless to activate their account. To travel they simply tap their smartphone on any Xerox Seamless NFC tag. During the tap the tag creates and stores an encrypted transaction and relays it to the smartphone. Billing is processed automatically at the end of the month, based on the number of trips completed on the various transport providers. Levi nine is developing the mobile application for Xerox.


TomTom MyDrive is a system that's designed to connect together all TomTom devices - laptop, smartphone, tablet - as well as user’s car. The aim is to make it easier to plan and set destinations, allowing the user to do this before stepping into the car, rather than after. By allowing the drivers to see real-time traffic information, MyDrive enables them to know when to leave in order to arrive on time. Levi nine has developed the frontend and participated in the development of the backend of the application.

Connected Services

Scania’s Connected Web Portal is the fully integrated portal for fleet owners. It provides access to all the tools needed to manage fleets: daily operations, fleet positioning, reporting, fleet maintenance, driver stats and more. Using the Fleet Management Coach tool, truck dealer’s, coaches and fleet owners manage their fleets of vehicles and follow the behavior of the drivers. It also provides different reports that show how the drivers are behaving regarding to fuel consumption, best practices for driving and others. Levi nine is providing software development teams that are part of the R&D unit of Scania.


The Hypervisor application is designed to facilitate the daily monitor and optimal operation of multiple car parking lots from a central location. The application allows the user to monitor the activity of one parking or of a group of parking lots, track the car park occupancy and control parking equipment, e.g. open and close parking barrier remotely. Levi nine developed the front-end of this application, in collaboration with Xerox.

Transportation Management System

Eyefreight is a leading provider of Level 5 SaaS Transportation Management System (TMS). The Eyefreight TMS supports large, multi-national shippers by providing a single platform for central coordination and detailed data visibility over complex, global-wide transport operations. From inventory allocation and distribution planning to freight invoice settlement, Eyefreight reduces costs, improves timeliness, increases service levels, and ensures sustainability. Levi nine is the development partner of Eyefreight and works in close collaboration with Eyefreight to continuously adapt the system to meet the business demands.

What our customers say about us

“Nearshoring in Serbia works really well for us. The costs are considerably lower, we work in the same time zone and the company cultures and values are very much alike. The latter is very important to me as it is and remains a people business. We see the team in Serbia as an extension of our ICT team, we all work with the same processes and tools. By outsourcing application development and support to Levi nine, we have been able to create internal capacity to focus on project management and optimisation of systems and processes”.

Rob Frenks, Group ICT Manager Vroon

I’ve been working closely with Levi Nine for more than two years now. From the first introduction I was impressed by the professionalism and the expertise I found with Levi Nine personnel from all levels. The Levi Nine engineers I worked with are skilled and willing to walk that extra mile with their customer when needed.

Francois Meyer, Engineering Manager TomTom


Below some white papers with Levi nine’s view on relevant topics to the Traffic and Transport industry and IT.

How can Levi nine help?

We are proficient in Software Engineering and own technical knowledge that is relevant for the Traffic and Transport Industry Sector. We can help you bring your product development and deployment to the next level by:

  • Speed. Rapid prototyping, followed by the initial product within 1-3 months.
  • Adaptiveness. Transition to Agile best-practices, to increase control while shortening time to market.
  • Reliability. Quality built in from day one, through test automation, continuous integration and adaptive provisioning and deployment (infrastructure as code), increasing first-time-right delivery to production.
  • Innovation. Creating the next generation of your products and services by means of Cloud and Mobile services.