We love to learn

Learning?We love it.

We’re passionate about personal development.
Learning, training, and development are a big part of life here at Levi9.
We encourage all of our people to take courses and to learn from each other through sharing and interaction. Through different tools, materials, and approaches we offer a blended learning environment.  Sound like something you’d enjoy? Read on..

Learn by attending courses

Serious about skills

Interactive workshops, Udemy courses, conferences, certifications. You name it. We offer a wide variety of international and local training on everything from soft skills to technical topics. And we’re always willing to listen to suggestions and test new ideas! We also offer workshops to support and champion our Customer Intimacy-oriented strategy. But you’ll find out more about that when you get to know us better.

Learn from the best& you’ll beat the rest!


You learn something new every day

At Levi9 we encourage learning by doing. There are all kinds of initiatives happening across the business, all of which begin life as internal sandbox projects. These allow us to continuously finesse our tech, creative, and teamwork skills. In fact, there are more than 100 projects happening! Events like our annual Hack9 hackathon competition also empower our levi niners to share ideas and solutions in a fun, collaborative way.


Sharing is caring

We’re all about knowledge sharing at Levi9. That’s why we offer everything from tech talks, soft skills workshops, and stacks of other meet-ups, either in person or digitally! Want to try your hand at public speaking? We offer practice programs to help boost your confidence. Keen to represent Levi9 at technical events? We can make that happen. All new recruits are assigned a buddy to help them navigate the first few weeks, but once you’re firmly bedded in, as a fully-fledged levi niner you’ll also have the option to become either a mentor or a mentee on the stuff you already know or want to explore further. Or both.