Student Opportunities

Our goal is for you to grow!

Learning, training, and development are a big part of life here at Levi9. We offer an individual approach to student programs, with the possibility to work for us in the future. The individual approach means that each practitioner has a personal mentor. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Read on..

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Together with universities

We work closely with local universities for training and internships, keeping a strong link between the curriculum and real-life practice.

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7 Different Programs

A variety to choose from

We run seven different student programs running from internships, through masterclasses up to fully paid scholarships.
Together we will find the right program for you.

Personal Guidance

Learn from experts

We’re all about knowledge sharing at Levi9. All students are assigned a mentor and a buddy to help them navigate the first few weeks, but once you’re firmly bedded in, as a fully-fledged levi niner you’ll also have the option to become either a mentor or a mentee on the stuff you already know or want to explore further. Or both.