Agility is a way of life for software and service providers like NetDialog – who work with some of the world’s biggest brands. To do this effectively, they rely on partners like Levi9 to help them keep pace. And does it work? Well, we’ve been working together for 15 years, so…

Custom applications are key to success for global enterprises, where there is no margin for error in today’s highly competitive markets. A major player in this fast moving and dynamic area is Utrecht-based NetDialog.

NetDialog provides a range of business solutions for an impressive list of 1,000 plus customers worldwide through major network service providers like AT&T and GTT.

Given the rapid pace of change and on-demand requests, NetDialog needs partners that are equally as flexible and quick to respond to often short-notice end user requirements: partners like Levi9 who can help end users gain full control over their applications and service delivery; allowing them to optimise and increase the efficiency of their ICT infrastructure.

Longstanding Collaboration

As a service provider, NetDialog offers a managed service to map the performance of the latest and most demanding networks, data centres, applications and chains.

To support the performance journey throughout the chain, NetDialog works in close cooperation with trusted partners.

That’s where Levi9 comes in. Essentially, we continue to support NetDialog as software architects – developing, building, and enhancing its products and solutions. The partnership between NetDialog and Levi9 stretches back to 2005 – and has largely involved the same teams working together: in particular, Tim Rühl, NetDialog’s VP of Engineering; and Dragan Gajic, our Delivery Director.

Levi9, primarily through the development team based in Novi Sad, Serbia, has helped build NetDialog’s flagship SaaS product: NetX – a platform that gives enterprises complete visibility and control of their applications across their WANs (Wide Area Networks) and private cloud environments.

Clear Communication

But, technical expertise aside for a moment, what is it that has kept the two teams working alongside each other for so long?

It wasn’t all plain sailing. When the financial crisis hit in 2009, work paused for nearly a year. However, when the worst was over, the two teams reconnected and picked up where they left off.

The key to this lasting relationship is open communication, shared expertise, and continuous learning.

Another key aspect to making sure that an agile, iterative approach takes precedence is the fact that the Levi9 team aren’t afraid to ask questions. If they need more information or if an aspect requires explanation, they simply ask for one.

This open relationship and interaction enables both partners to be agile and react quickly – to support product development and the rapid deployment of new integrations.

Regular reporting, communications, and face-to-face meetings – or now, in the post-COVID era, through online conferencing platforms such as Skype – keep NetDialog up to date on often complex and multi-layered projects.

Typically this includes development of WAN-specific deliverables such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), specific reports, actionable dashboards, and data visualization.

The Road Ahead

Post-pandemic, NetDialog plans to rollout other new products – and of course, sees Levi9 as playing a key role in the business’ future, as Tim Rühl explains:

“We have tonnes of ideas – time and resources permitting! The great thing about our relationship is that the Levi9 team can help with our business development strategies too. It’s hard to tell what will happen in 6 to 12 months, but it’s good to know Levi9 is by our side to help us respond to current changes.”

You can’t ask for a better endorsement than that.