There are 999 reasons to join Levi9

With around 1000 levi niners we embrace diversity and love working together on one common goal. Every levi niner stands out in its personality, its knowledge and its skills which is why we complement each other well. Levi9 is the place where you can develop yourself. All levi niners can learn by doing, attending courses as well as by sharing and interacting. Reason #306 Because learning never stops.

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We Are Levi Nine

Making impact!

We are Levi9 and just like the comet Levy9 we make an impact that shapes the future with a culture that is always transparent, result-driven, loyal and pro-active. We impact businesses with technology services held together by a gravity we call our beliefs.



When complexity, speed and change come together only a great team can handle the challenge. We love the challenge, especially the technology part of it. But above all we love doing it together. We embrace diversity, adopt agility and conduct discipline. We deliver fast, fit for purpose and as an integral part of our customers’ operation.

Proven track record

We work together with the world's most IT critical companies.

We know our business and the business of our customers. There is no bigger price than a customer who increases his market position because of great technology made by us.

Work with the latest technologiesto drive innovation