Data services

How to convert data into value?

Big data is all about predictions, and these predictions are based on correlations between massive amounts of data. Big data changes how businesses are functioning and how they create value.

Capturing, storing, processing and finding assists in large amounts of data are key capabilities for business that want to create value. Businesses are becoming driven by data and the insights.

Merging big data with cloud computing is a powerful combination that can transform your business.

Companies that harness Big Data’s full power could increase their operation margins by 60%.

of companies are adopting Big Data Analytics

of companies keep their sensitive data in the Cloud

annual growth rate for Hadoop, the largest open source for distributed computing

We act as partner for our customers

We act as partners for our customers on the journey to their objectives; whether those are related to the transition of data solutions toward the cloud, integration of their applications, implementations of new strategies towards data driven decisions, obtaining business predictability with the use of data science, handling Big Data environments, or developing complete reporting solutions.


What we did for Talpa

For Talpa Network, we deliver custom software solutions for the TV, Radio, Publishing and Shared services domains. For all these domains the main focus is on user experience and scalable solutions at the same time.

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