How to shorten your time to market?

By combining the benefits of cloud services, business services, open source, data solutions and collaboration models in the most effective way.

Technology is both an accelerator as an enabler for shorten time to market. Technology is no longer a domain of specialized techies hidden in dark rooms. It’s becoming the enabler of dreams and everybody claims access to the infinite possibilities it can bring.

The real challenge in our time

The real challenge of our time is to orchestrate technology components to accelerate. Integrating the best available solutions, the market has to offer in combination with tailor made components to optimize investments and maximize value.

Most Levi9 customers run their workloads on AWS, GCP or Azure

Over a quarter of Levi Niners contribute to Open Source projects

Of our Data Solutions are using Cloud Services


Scaling up the Everon charging platform

Scaling up with 30 developers in just 2 months and working with a platform that uses innovative technology orchestration. Everon has opened up their first public APIs. Levi9’s work here was to set it up, configure it to expose public APIs of the various Everon services and configure a developer portal for exposing API documentation for both the external customers and Everon developers.

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