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How to stay competitive as a software vendor?

Stand out of the crowd.

Focus on being effective to drive sustainable business growth. As Levi9, we focus on being effective, so our customers can keep their competitive edge. Being effective means doing the right things, challenging what and how to develop your software features.

People, Process & Technology are the main elements to drive digital transformation

It all starts with assessing the current state: what the goals are and what needs to be done to achieve that goal. People, Process, & Technology are the main elements to drive the digital transformation or to keep up with the fast changing demand from customers and the business enviroment.

To be able to do so, you need partners in your ecosystem that focus on business technology, with a constant focus on efficiency and effectiveness. True professionals with a growth mindset.

At Levi9, we support our customers with Software Development & Engineering capabilities. This is not limited to  development alone. Efficiency and effectiveness is becoming more and more important and, as people are the true drivers of success, we focus on organisational process and way of working methodologies.

The combination of our excellent knowledge in business technology and broad, long-standing experience in the agile way of working make the people at Levi9 valuable assets in driving value for your business.

Getting market- and customers insights, understanding customer’s strategy, technologies needed, and making use of available technology stacks with an existing IT architecture are the keys for success.

On average Companies rate their satisfaction with their innovation only a 6.5

Companies are bad at setting priorities, also for innovation. These companies score low on digital innovation

Companies that organized innovation well, score significantly better on digital innovation than those who are ad-hoc


What we do for Backbase

Scaling up with teams working on R&D and banking portal implementations.

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